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If you have a problem translating the long digits of any portal e.g. Property24, while talking on the phone with a client or when receiving an SMS, then the following Shortcut for IOS phones will help you translate the last 4 digits to a meaningful physical address reducing the need to waste time searching for the long reference number online.

Step 1: Click on the link at the bottom of this guide to save the shortcut on your Apple mobile phone - you can store it on your home screen.
Step 1.1: Add IF statements with the new short digit (keep it to the last 4 digits) reference numbers you intend searching for and include the relevant display text using the existing format example

Step 2: Run the shortcut (the shortcut can capture a clipboard input as well)
Step 2.1 View output
IOS Shortcut to SAVE -> CLICK THE LINK BELOW ... bb4a123fae
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