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I would truly appreciate your advice and or opinion / comments on the following. A well known large franchise agency in our area with the most unscrupulous agents I have ever met; and a modus operandi that brings me to tears every time the scenario comes accross my desk; aggressively selling property to usually first time buyers, with no real knowledge about purchasing / selling property or the processess involved; telling them they are signing either only an application form... for a pre-approval to be done; OR signing a mandate to sell their property. What all these clients then learn is; they have actually signed either an offer to purchase OR in some cases a sole mandate or even an exclusive mandate! Then.....the clients are threatened with commission claims and attorney's costs. How does one force another to purchase a property they really don't want or can't afford? How does one put a stop to this? In our business; and we're just a small little real estate company; we value people and we truly respect and understand that buying or selling property is a big deal; and we try to educate our community to have a better understanding of the markets etc. In order to make an informed decision. However I cannot win them all..... I'm just extremely saddened that another client will be buying a property she doesn't like nor can't afford because she trusted the agent / agency brand!#peoplepassionproperty


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