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#RentalAgents #RentalManagers Are you often confronted with requests (demands?) for changes to your 'standard' #Lease T's & C's after the applicant/ has/have been approved and you're ready to sign the lease? I know that I've been in these situations regularly....The problem is, the #landlord is keen to get a #tenant and just wants the #lease signed - in their mind they already 'have' a tenant, but you're worried about the requested changes and the impact if might have on other lease terms, as well as any possible negative effects it might have on your landlord's right and you think you should seek legal advice. Of course, all this typically happens a day before the move in date. End result you're put under pressure to agree to the changes, you're uncomfortable with the changes and everything is a rush! So . . . . Why not send out a copy of your #leaseagreement with your #rentalapplication form, with a covering email explaining to tenants that they need to read these and make any requests for changes in your application form (which makes provision for these requests)?Surely this is a more sensible way to deal with these requests as you might need to seek legal advice and the type / extent of the requested changes might actually influence the outcome of the application? ... rtyrentals #rentalproperty


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