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Advertising and P24 P24 maintains, that should an advert be reported as having incorrect information (such as an address), the advert concerned is perused, and the brand or agent advertising incorrectly is given two days to rectify. A successful change, and the advert remains on the site.... If the request from P24 is ignored, or not responded to with the correct information, then P24 applies an internal ruling, and moves the brand or franchise adverts to the back of the listing pages. So, if there are 20 pages, and your listing was on page 2, and your colleagues in the other suburbs adverts on various other pages, they too, collectively move to the back of the listing groups. Vicarious Responsibility? Too right it is, because after all, the principal (who authorises the P24 payment) is accountable for the doings of the agents and staff. However, the Code of Conduct clearly stipulates in Chapter 5, (5.2) an agent is not allowed to prepare, make or assist... any false statement, and may not (5.5.1) willfully or negligently mislead So the proposal to P24 at yesterdays training session, is to apply the rulings of the Code of Conduct Chapter 5, and summarily REMOVE the offending advert if proven to be inaccurate with no change. Fair enough?



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